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I think it’s safe to say we have all had a time when we have been unhappy with our skin. For me that was 2 years ago. I started getting breakouts on my legs even though I had never had problems with my skin before. I almost had acne on the back of my thighs and bottom of my butt. It was very uncomfortable, I didn’t want to wear shorts, and it was also painful and itchy. I had tried multiple attempts to clear it up when I a friend recommended activated charcoal. It cleared up my skin amazingly. Within a couple of uses everything was almost gone. I was shocked at how well it worked if I am being honest so I started looking into activated charcoal a little more to figure out just what made it work so well. Here’s what I discovered: How It Works Activated charcoal has been around for centuries. It was commonly used as a medicine for people with stomach issues. Some people still use it for that purpose today but more commonly you see it labelled as a skin care product.


              Weightless has always been something I struggled with. I’ve lost and gained weight so many times in my life well trying every diet from vegan to keto. A lot of the time they would work for a little bit but then I would stop following the plan, lose all my results and just get more discouraged with myself.             I would see everyone else’s transformation photos and think “What’s wrong with me?” I later realized that I was not the problem. The problem was that I was trying to force my body to do something that wasn’t right for it. Think of diets as a one size fits all solution and let’s be honest doesn’t fit all. We are all just too unique. We have different energy needs, different goals, and different tastes buds that need to be considered! That’s why even as a nutrition coach I don’t assign meal plans. I instead work with my clients to learn how to eat more intuitively and to find balance. It’s not about being restrictive or having a perfect di


One of my favourite treats in the bitter Canadian winter is hot cacao with whip cream! Yes by the way I did mean to put cacao. Cacao is basically cocoa that hasn’t been baked so it retains more antioxidants and minerals, like iron. Which is great for people like me since I'm a vegetarian! I always make myself a glass when I come in from the cold. Nothing warms me up better! Plus its healthy so I can enjoy it guilt free unlike most store bought hot cocoa.   If you look at the labels on a lot of hot chocolates you will see sugar, a lot of the time in the form of corn syrup, unhealthy oils, and a lot of preservatives. If you look at the back of an everyday brand like Nestle you’ll be shocked at how few ingredients you can pronounce. That’s why making your own is a much healthier choice. Especially when it’s so simple to make both the hot cacao and your own vegan cool whip to top it off. This recipe also has the option to add maca root! Maca root can help balance horm