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Why Everyone Should Soak their Oats and How to Do it!

You like to lay back and have a soak, so do your oats. And your belly will thank you for it! Oats, particularly the steel cut, have blown up lately. Some people see them as super food well others say to stay away. Part of this split is because oats can be hard on the digestive tract much like any seed! Seeds are meant to be hard to break down so they can survive and be grown into new plants so they block digestive enzymes with phytic acid. This acid can also bind to minerals and prevent their absorption as well! Does This Mean I should Avoid Oats? No! In my opinion, oats can be a great source of nutrients. Oats are an antioxidant that is also a good source of protein, fiber, and carbs, well also containing a large amount of vitamins and minerals like iron and magnesium. So instead of omitting them we can simply give them an acid soak to make them more digestible!  The process of acid soaking overnight releases phytase which will breakdown the phytic acid! Not