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          Lately, I’ve been CRAVING apple crisp but I haven’t been able to find a recipe I could get behind. That’s why I just created my own that’s super easy to make! I’ll make a big batch on Sundays and eat it in the mornings before I go to work. YES I eat apple crisp for breakfast but it’s extremely healthy and filling! You can definitely eat this in the morning because this recipe is: ·          Easy digestible ·          High protein ·          Free of processed sugars ·          Gluten free ·          High fiber ·          Vegan ·          Free of processed ingredients ·          DELICIOUS    RECIPE Note: To aid digestion this recipe uses soaked oats, nuts, and seeds. To read about how to soak and the importance of it check out this ARTICLE . Ingredients Base: ·          5-6 apples ·          ¼ c maple syrup ·          ½ tsp coconut oil ·          ½ tsp natural vanilla or ¼ tsp vanilla bean paste ·          1 tsp ap