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Chocolate is easily ­­­­­the number one comfort food in the world. From cake to ice cream people love to chow down on any form of chocolate, including the basic forms like cacao powder, not to be confused with standard cocoa powder. They may sound very similar but there are a lot of differences between the two.   The main one being that cacao is less processed then it’s doppelganger cocoa.   They both start off the same, as cacao bean, in a pod, on a cacao tree. The pods are collected and cracked so the beans can be harvested and ground up.   Once ground they remove the cacao butter leaving cacao powder. Cocoa is pretty much done the exact same way BUT it’s processed at a higher temperature and the beans are roasted. As a result of this cocoa has fewer calories but also fewer nutrients, antioxidants, and enzymes. Benefits of Cacao 1: One of the highest food in antioxidants Beating out blueberries, cacao contains more than 300 compounds that act as antioxidants.