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Chocolate Coconut Snowballs

  Chocolate Coconut Snowballs Anyone else like no-bake recipes as much as I do? I am such a fan I decided I am going to do a full series of ‘no-bake’ recip es, starting with these Chocolate Coconut Snow Balls! One of the many things I lo ve about these snowballs (besides the whole no-bake thing) is that they are jam-packed with lots of nutrients! If you take a look at the ingredient list it’s pretty obvious that these little balls are a GREAT choice when you’re looking for an easy healthy snack! INGREDIENTS AND BENEFITS Healthy Fats: Coconut Flakes: There are multiple benefits of eating coconut, not only is it super filling because of its fat conten t, but it is also packed with lots of minerals and antioxidants. One of the minerals is a large amount of manganese, which helps with the breakdown of carbs and proteins, well also contributing to b one health! Flax Seed: one of the main reasons I try and add flaxseeds to as many things as possible is because they are an Omega 3