About Me

       If your looking for beach body workouts, meal plans, and quick easy ways to lose weight you might want to try a different blog. If your looking for long term solution to better your health (and some delicious recipes) then you might want to stay put.

      We live in a world full of quick fixes and my goal is to get people away from that mindset. Health is a long term goal. It takes dedication and constant work.

      I know this first hand as someone who went through a significant body transformation. Fitness and nutrition was never something I paid much attention too until I got a older and this lead to me being over 200 pound.

      At that time I had sleeping issues, migraines, and an extremely sensitive stomach. I also issues with my hip and back. I always thought that was just how life was.

     I was wrong though. It took a lot of hard work and a large shift in mindset but I slowly started changing my diet to whole foods and exercising regularly and a lot of my problems started to go away. I had no idea how good I was could feel.

     Now I work as a personal trainer and nutrition coach to help other people do the same.
I help clients both in person and online to start living a more natural and healthy life.

     I promote a holistic approach to health with my clients and I will do the same here. I truly believe that the more natural you can be the better. I’ve seen the difference multiple times.

      If you are looking to try a more natural lifestyle then your definitely in the right place. To stay updated join the email list.

      You can also come say hi on Instagram @babraralorrainea and see additional workouts, recipes, updates, and more!!


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