Enjoy some testimonials from a couple of my clients.

      " I was diagnosed at the age of 46 with frozen shoulder. I developed this condition for no known reason in my right shoulder, which left me with extreme pain and negative rotation in my shoulder. I could not lift my right arm higher than a few inches in front, or to my side. I could not even place my right hand on my right butt cheek, my right shoulder/arm had become largely immobile from this condition.

      Shortly after my diagnosis I met Barbara and engaged her as my personal trainer. She listened to me and took the time to research my affliction. She put together a program designed especially for me to regain the lost movement back into my right shoulder/arm. At the beginning she promised if I stuck to her program, it would work, I would regain the lost movement, and it worked!

        Her program worked so well that I even regained back the lost hyper mobile movements in my right shoulder. I never thought I would get that level of mobility back, especially since, medically; it is highly unlikely to regain back hyper mobile movements post frozen shoulder. It took time, hard work and patience from both Barbara and I but we got there! My right arm now functions the same as my left arm, you would never know I had frozen shoulder!

        During this journey with Barbara, she also worked with me on overall strength and conditioning training, and as well, she would give me nutritional advice from time to time. Her knowledge and maturity exceeds her years, if you are serious about your health, no matter your age or condition, Barbara is the lady! She listens, studies her clients, talks with you and comes up with a program designed to meet each client’s needs, she is also willing to modify her program as needed. All I can say is thank-you Barbara for giving me back my life with mobility!"

Happy client Kim Yauck